All office activities of Association RITMA are maintained electronically and by phone.

However, following the exceptional mesures taken by the government, there will be no transaction made in person at our office in St-Sauveur.

Thank you for your understanding and collaboration.



Not being a professional order, take note that RITMA doesn’t have any authority regarding the continuity of the professional activities of its members.

The choice to continue your activities or not must be exercised according to your free will, your good judgment, your social solidarity AND according to the government directives which must be followed.

We also have no authority over the decision of clinics to close. Here too, we refer you to the government measures that are being announced.

We invite you to read ALL of the documents that are available on our site.


Preventive instructions for COVID-19


As an association, the following instructions are preventative and call on your free will.

The instructions and directives of the political and health authorities of Quebec and Canada prevail.

Government of Quebec

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Government of Canada

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Recommendation for employers and workers

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OSM Organisation mondiale de la Santé
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According to WHO: Health care workers may be at greater risk of transmission due to the possibility of occupational exposure.

We therefore invite you to exercise caution and vigilance.

Here are some basic tips that you are encouraged to improve upon depending on your judgment and the circumstances.

Before providing care to a client: Ask the right questions:


1. Have you traveled in the past few weeks?


2. Do you have flu-like symptoms?


3. Have you been in contact with someone who has contracted the coronavirus?


Remember that if you are exposed, you could become a vector yourself.

We remind you that your code of ethics allows you to refuse treatment to a client.



The therapist must demonstrate reasonable availability and diligence.

  1. The therapist may therefore stop or refuse to provide care to a client in certain just and reasonable cases. It goes without saying that referring your clients to another therapist does not apply in the current circumstances.


Your right to refuse a client may become a duty.


We recommend that you refer to the instructions from health authorities to make informed decisions, and also give you the official arguments to communicate to your customers.

Regarding government announcements for possible compensation, we also invite you to refer to the responsible authorities that will make the announcements.

At present, there is no impact on RITMA's activities. We will keep you posted according to developments.