Admission requirements

Admission requirements

Admission requirements


To qualify as an Orthotherapist

In order to qualify as an Orthotherapist, RITMA requires that the applicant have the credentials of a Kinesitherapist and a Registered Massage Therapist (1300 hours) and have successfully completed another 300 hours* training as follows :

165 hrs  Pathology of the shoulder, of the wrist and hand, pathology of the knee, osteoarthritis of the knee, knee and ankle sprains, splinting, re-education, respiratory biomechanics, etc.
40 hrs  Hands-on practice
35 hrs  Body language
60 hrs  Practice and supervised practical training

It is understood that any/all applicants must :

  • Meet the minimum requirements of RITMA and possess valid diplomas for each of their specialties.
  • Successfully complete a practical exam and, if required, a written exam, in order to certify the validity of the diplomas.
  • Rigorously abide by RITMA’s Code of Deontology and Ethics.

The RITMA association encourages continued education for its members, who may benefit from industry improvements and new skills or techniques, in order to remain at the top of their profession.  Keep in mind that every additional class or course taken in any alternative medicine discipline may be considered when tabulating your total number of hours of education.