29 January 2024


Let's dive together into the fascinating world of coaching, a practice that transcends the boundaries of professions, disciplines, and individual journeys. Accompaniment emerges as a true cross-cutting adventure, a fertile ground where diverse expertise from various fields converges.


At the core of this approach, the primary objective is not to instantly resolve the problems that punctuate individuals' lives but rather to support them throughout their journey in facing these challenges. The focus shifts away from the problems themselves to concentrate on the person confronting them, placing humanity at the center of this endeavour.


Coaching presents itself as a privileged relational mode, far more than a simple reaction to situations. Three key concepts guide this practice: "being with someone" who "is on the way to," in a "dynamic of collaboration and sharing."


In this human adventure, proximity is not measured in kilometres but in humanity. It is a presence that goes beyond mere physical closeness, an emotional connection transcending geographical distances to focus on the closeness of the bond.


"Go towards" reveals that the accompanied person is in motion, seeking a direction and requiring support to reach their destination. Thus, the act of accompanying creates a relational space conducive to human proximity, where experiential sharing flourishes. Sometimes, it results in the accompanist receiving as much, if not more, than the one they guide.


This proximity is not defined by belonging to a common social group but by sharing a common humanity, transcending all social barriers.


The relational proximity space forged by coaching encourages experiential sharing not based on expertise but on mutual trust. The accompaniment relationship stands as a fundamentally egalitarian model, even if the accompanist may possess expertise that they share with respect. So, are you ready to explore the exciting world of coaching?

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