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Receipt Issuance

  • These are two distinct documents.The invoice is intended for the therapist accounting and tax return, while the receipt if for the client who receives a care. The client will present the receipt to his/her insurance company and according to his/hers insurance plan, there can be a refund. In addition, the client can include the receipt in his tax return for deductable care such as homeopathy, naturopathy and osteopathy.

  • It is imppotant that ALL fields of the receipt are filled in order to allow the reimbursement for your client by the insurance company. For the Traditional type receipt (similar to a checkbook), the address where the care are given can be written on the same line as the phone number or on the back of the receipt.

  • You must download a software of the type Acrobat Reader (free software). Then, you need to import your receipt and sign it by following the instruction of the software. Click here for a helpful document.

  • YES,

    Papers receipts : Fill out a receipt as you would for a first receipt and add DUPLICATE, that way the insurance companies will know that this receipts is a copy of a receipt already issued.

    Electronic receipts : In your member's profile, in the section Electronic receipts, return to your client's desired receipts and reprint the receipt, DUPLICATE will automatically  be mentionned.

  • Paper receipts : Refer to your receipt books. There is always a place to keep track of your issued receipts, whether you have traditional type receipts (the stub) or professional type receipts (the yellow copy).

    Electronic receipts : The system stores all issued electronic receipts, which you can view at any time in your member's profile. You can also refer to the Video Tutorials, also available in your member's profile.

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