30 April 2024

RITMA and Integrative Health

The concept of health is evolving. At the heart of this transformation are alternative and complementary medicines, offering holistic approaches that often complement conventional medical practices. In Quebec, a key player in the promotion and structuring of these disciplines is GROUPE RITMA.


The Regroupement des thérapeutes et intervenants en médecine complémentaire, GROUPE RITMA, is firmly committed to promoting alternative and complementary medicines. Among the disciplines it supports are Massage Therapy, Orthotherapy, Physiotherapy, Naturopathy, Osteopathy, as well as counselling and brief therapy professions.


In Quebec, the majority of complementary medicines are not yet regulated, which poses challenges in terms of protecting the public and practitioners. This is where GROUPE RITMA comes in, striving to regulate and structure these disciplines. By working with both government authorities and professionals themselves, the organization seeks to establish high standards of practice and ensure the safety and efficacy of interventions.


A crucial aspect of GROUPE RITMA's mission is to defend the interests of its members. This is manifested through continuous support for professional development, providing resources and training to enable practitioners to enhance their skills and stay at the forefront of advances in their respective fields. Additionally, the organization acts as a spokesperson for the profession, advocating for the official recognition of complementary medicines with competent authorities such as the Office des professions and various government levels.


GROUPE RITMA plays an essential role in the landscape of complementary medicines in Quebec. By promoting diversity in approaches and working towards their harmonious integration into the healthcare system, it contributes to offering populations a comprehensive range of options for their well-being and health.

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