BFL CANADA is the Groupe RITMA professional and general liability insurance partner.

Through this partnership, we provide you with the benefits of a stable, long-term risk transfer program.

BFL CANADA's privileged relationship with the insurer, Trisura, has enabled us to enhance our insurance program to meet the specific needs of RITMA members across Canada.

FOR MORE INFORMATION Consult the program offered by BFL CANADA Click here

To obtain an insurance quote and put a policy into effect, you must visit the platform at the following address: 

If you have any questions, please contact one of our representatives at :438-260-1889 or 1-855-235-1889 (toll-free), or by e-mail at and ask to speak to the representative for the RITMA member insurance program.

To create your file online and put an insurance policy into effect, click on the following link:


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