29 January 2024

What you need to know about Psyllium

Today, let's explore an underrated plant that could become an ally in resolving various digestive issues: psyllium.


Blond Psyllium: A Superfood for Healthy Digestion and Optimal Cardiovascular Health


Blond psyllium, derived from Plantago ovata Forssk, is a plant naturally rich in fibers. Its seeds, ranging from pink to brown, are enveloped in a mucilaginous husk. When they come into contact with water, they form a viscous gel that gives the plant its digestive virtues.


Originating from Iran and widely cultivated in India, psyllium has conquered Western markets due to its multiple benefits.


The Virtues of Blond Psyllium


The use of psyllium dates back to antiquity, offering remarkable health benefits. Thanks to its soluble fibers, it promotes beneficial action on the digestive system. The gel formed upon contact with water facilitates the passage of salts in the digestive tract. It is sometimes recommended for constipation or diarrhea, acting as a transit regulator.


How to Consume Blond Psyllium?


Opt for organic psyllium. The ideal dose may vary, so start according to the recommendations of a healthcare professional. A teaspoon of seeds in a large glass of water or fruit juice each day, followed by a second glass of water, is the way to prepare psyllium. Never exceed 3 tablespoons per day. Once stools are normalized, it is necessary to stop consumption to prevent the body from becoming accustomed.






Different Forms of Consuming Blond Psyllium


Psyllium comes in whole seeds, powder, or capsules. The most common and economical form is husk powder. In addition to the traditional method, it can be integrated into culinary preparations such as soups, yogurts, bread, and cakes to add moist texture and fiber richness.


Effects of Blond Psyllium on Health


Psyllium is a major ally of the digestive system, regulating transit and relieving constipation or diarrhea. It is gluten-free, but its use should be temporary. In case of chronic digestive problems, it is necessary to identify the underlying cause for a long-term solution.


Blond Psyllium for Cardiovascular Health and Blood Sugar Control


Psyllium has positive effects on cardiovascular health by maintaining normal cholesterol levels. It also helps control blood sugar due to its fiber richness, limiting blood sugar spikes.


Precautions and Interactions With Blond Psyllium


Some individuals, especially those suffering from the digestive tract stenosis, should avoid psyllium. Consulting a healthcare professional is always necessary. Psyllium may interact with certain medications, hence the importance of seeking professional advice before combining it with medical treatment.


In conclusion, blond psyllium is a superfood with multiple benefits. Whether to improve intestinal transit, regulate cholesterol, or enrich your recipes. With psyllium, optimal transit is guaranteed!

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