5 April 2024


Each of the disciplines represented by GROUPE RITMA, Osteopathy, Massage Therapy, Complementary Medicine, Coaching Professions, Naturopathy, is administered individually within distinct associations that establish accreditation criteria specific to each. Each Association is supported by a committee of experts who ensure that the specific needs of each association are met.

GROUPE RITMA brings together these different associations and promotes high standards of professionalism and quality in the fields of complementary medicine, providing support to its members and ensuring the protection of the public.

RITMA Associations are open to anyone with a diploma working in the field of complementary medicine and possessing complete training in a specialized discipline. GROUPE RITMA works to promote practice standards in the field of alternative and complementary medicines, with an integrative vision of health.

Thus, RITMA advocates for the harmonious coexistence of mental health services, manual therapies, support, and counselling, all while respecting the well-defined roles of each field.

Many practitioners have university or college training in related fields and have chosen to move into private practice. RITMA members cannot under any circumstances use their titles associated with a professional Order or perform activities reserved for professional Orders.


RITMA's Actions



For over 10 years, RITMA has developed significant expertise with brief therapy and counselling professionals. It has been a pioneer in this field following the new realities resulting from the implementation of Law 21 on psychotherapy in 2012. In this regard, a process of understanding these issues was established and still forms part of its admission and practice criteria today.

All GROUPE RITMA members working in counselling have a minimum of 1000 hours of training, and most often, much more in their fields of expertise. Diplomas are rigorously validated. RITMA members are neither psychotherapists nor psychologists and have a duty to refer when issues fall outside their areas of expertise.



GROUPE RITMA has established the certification of MARA (Accompaniment and Counselling Professions).

GROUPE RITMA works to standardize norms and enhance the skills of its members in the field of support and counselling. Certification requires validation of professionalism, ethics, and ongoing training requirements.


Clarification of Issues

Another action of RITMA focuses on clarifying the standards of massage therapy training.

To differentiate between training levels, the RITMA Massage Therapists Association is for certified massage therapists with a minimum of 1000 hours of training. Membership criteria are strict, and the association advocates high standards in training and practice. It is governed by a code of ethics and recommends that its members carry Errors and Omissions insurance.

The RITMA Massage Therapy Practitioners Association brings together practitioners in the massage therapy field with a minimum of 400 hours of training but less than 1000 hours. It is governed by a code of ethics and regulations that members must adhere to. It advocates that all members carry Errors and Omissions insurance. For the respect of its members and the public, the RITMA Massage Therapy Practitioners Association is recognized for its high standards. The association represents a highly qualified community in this sector.


Public Protection

GROUPE RITMA is recognized for its rigorous supervision, which protects clients by guaranteeing quality professional services and ensures therapists have solid credibility. A code of ethics and conduct ensures that members work with full knowledge of applicable laws in their respective fields while respecting activities reserved by professional orders and the Code of Professions of Quebec. A syndic supports the ethics committee.

RITMA conducts systematic checks and reserves the right to verify methods, facilities, and instruments used by its members at any time to ensure that the care provided meets all its quality standards.


A Trusted Relationship with Insurers

Thanks to its integrity, transparency, and the professionalism of its members, GROUPE RITMA has established a relationship of trust and collaboration with collective insurance companies, earning it a privileged position in the field.


Only GROUPE RITMA with its unique structure is able to establish high standards of professionalism and quality to regulate fields of practice in complementary medicine, providing support to therapists and intervenors while ensuring the protection of the public.

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